1992 GMC Topkick Utility Truck Beta

Hello Everyone,

This truck is just awesomeness written on a can.  Throw you buddy in the bucket and trim those trees you been wanting to trim.  This really brings out the Arborist in Farming Simulator 2015.  Right now the truck is in beta and please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below.  Also give the modding team a big thanks for being a Supporting Modding Team and contributing this work.


  • Model: Rescue3dCom
  • Mouse Controls:Pascal Modding
  • Ingaming: Jesse Rees

You need a Supporting Membership to download this mod.


13 thoughts on “1992 GMC Topkick Utility Truck Beta

  1. The download button for this mod is misspelled. You should update it.. And I feel like this truck is a lost cause since No one is willing to update it.. By the way someone Posted the GMC Bucket truck on one of the Free Mod Websites..

  2. Good evening I Mappel francis I have a question for you I wonder if the link directory you can put this truck on the site please modhub because I would wash it is great and I am imcapable to download thank you

    p.s jenttent your new

    • Hi Joshua, Sorry for the late reply – we’re sorry to hear this, but at the moment, our site only uses Paypal to help process payments. So, if you really want to download our mods, you would need to have a Paypal account. We are considering more payment platforms in the future! Best of luck!

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