Evox Maxey Drop and Load

Hello Everyone, We have a new mod update from Evox.  Evox is doing a Maxey Drop and Load trailer.  This is a very unique trailer that should be beneficial for tools and equipment around the farm. Specs: 9990 lb GVWR 81” Deck Width (80” Between 4” Tall ”Rails”) 4 Heavy Duty Air Bag Suspension With … Read more

Evox WIP Dodge 3500 Crew Cab – Update #1

Hello Everyone, Evox has sent us an update on the new Dodge Ram 3500 Crew Cab he will be releasing on TechnicMods.  Truck looks like it is turning out real nice.  Below are some spec and some updated photos. Specs: Engine: 6.7L CUMMINS DIESEL (HO) Transmission: A6 AS69RC Axle Ratio: 3.42 GVWR:  11,500 Payload:  4,020 Max Trailer Weight … Read more

WIP DT 0003 Goose Neck Dump – Update #2

Hello Everyone, Some progress has been made on the DT 0003 Goose Neck Dump.  90% of the model is in game and textured.  We still have to do the fill planes, animation and pain the dirt.  Big thanks to all our supports for making this happen. Specs: Width: 8ft Height: 4ft Length: 20ft Axles: 2 … Read more

WIP B-B TB37 Applicator – Update #1

Hello Everyone, Our winner for the Implements/Trailers mod poll has been picked!  We will be doing a B-B TB37 Applicator.  Project is expected to take about 3 weeks to a month to complete.  Check back for future updates.   Specs: Working Width: 37ft Wings:  Single fold Transport Height: 13ft Transport Width: 20ft Rear Hitch:  Telescopic + … Read more