Best Silage Photo Contest Winner

Hello, Our winner for the best Seeding photo contest winner is “John Deere seeding”.  Our new contest is up and running.  See the details below. Big thanks to our supporting members for making this a success. The theme for this months contest will be Best Silage Photo.  All photos submitted must deal with Silage for Farming Simulator to be … Read more

Evox Maxey Drop and Load

Hello Everyone, We have a new mod update from Evox.  Evox is doing a Maxey Drop and Load trailer.  This is a very unique trailer that should be beneficial for tools and equipment around the farm. Specs: 9990 lb GVWR 81” Deck Width (80” Between 4” Tall ”Rails”) 4 Heavy Duty Air Bag Suspension With … Read more

DT0003 Gooseneck Dump

Hello Everyone, The DT0003 Gooseneck Dump is now complete and ready to work.  Big thanks to Jesse and Bill for there work on this project.  This is the beta version by the way. Version 1 Attachable Tip Animation Fill Types: wheat rape maize barley Cost: 14950 Compacity: 20000 Dyable Version 2 Ideas Dirty More Fill Types More … Read more