Southern Virginia Farming

Welcome to Southern Virginia Farming This is a Map of Halifax Co.Va for Farming Simulator 2015. The fields come in various sizes and shapes. It has the basic grains, wheat, barley, rape, corn, potato, sugarbeet, also added soybean and oat. Now with popcorn and cotton. It also has cow, sheep, and chickens. Credits: Randy Hutchinson … Read more

California Central Valley V3.1

Thank you all for so much Downloads and good help with the error search In v3.1 all unauthorized flying objects were removed. A new savegame must not be started. But it would suggest that everything is displayed. ———————————————————————————————- California Central Valley V3 I have the map revised agin. But this is at the moment my … Read more

Lantmanen FS West Hill Forest Feedmix

V2.1 FIX and update 2016-03-13 10:08 My new Westhill map. All mods need too the map Chickenfat , bef , pig The links must not distribute or post on another page than this and No may edit and distribute your version Please respect this Keep your logs for your self © Lantmanen FS 2016 … Read more

FS Map – Carrsville V1.0.0 Beta

FS Map Farming Simulator 2015 Mods Carrsville

Welcome to Carrsville.  There are plenty of fields to keep you busy along with cows, sheep and chickens within this fs map.  There are plenty of forests to log as well.  Please note that this fs map is in beta and there are some known issues listed below.  Note:  The tractor store, egg sell point, … Read more