Pitts LT40-8UL Log Trailer V1

Hello Everyone, V1 of the Pitts LT40-8UL log trailer is now out.  Big thanks to Rambow145 for fixing all the errors and getting us to V1.  If you haven’t liked his Facebook page or subscribed to his YouTube channel do so.  His information is below followed with the trailers information. Features: Autoload Dyable Gets Dirty … Read more

Pitts LT40-8UL Log Trailer Beta

Hello Everyone, It’s Friday and we have the Pitts Log Trailer ready for all of our TechnicMod users.  We put a lot of hard work into making this trailer really something special for the american logging scene. With the auto load it’s perfect for carrying 17M logs.  Out of a full grown tree you can get … Read more

WIP Pitts LT40-8UL Log Trailer – Update #2

Hello Everyone, We got an update on the Pitts LT40-8UL Log Trailer.  The trailer is now in gamed and textured.  We are moving on to adding the lights and the collisions.  Once those are finished we will begin testing.  We might have an auto load feature for the initial release depending on how much time we have.  This … Read more

WIP Pitts LT40-8UL Log Trailer

Hello Everyone, This Pitts LT40-8UL Log Trailer was kind of a surprise mod.  We got the model back from John Deere Modding and it looks fabulous.  The detail is very good.  This will be a great american log trailer for everyone to enjoy on Farming Simulator.  This project is an easy one so it should take … Read more