Mack Shorty V2

130 Downloads Hello Everyone, We now have Version 2 of the Mack Shorty. Check out the details below for this modification. Big thanks to everyone for making this possible. Version 2 Updates Updated fuel issue. Updated traffic issue. Updated gate issue. Updated textures. Updated model design. Updated internal view. Re-worked physics. In cam cab view. … Read more

WIP Mack Shorty V2 – Update #1

Good day, Here is the initial update on the Mack Shorty Version 2.  The whole truck has been completely re-worked from the ground up.  Some new features of V2 will be dyable, interior improved handling and more.  See list below for full details. What in Version 2? Dyable Improved sound Interior Interior camera view Back … Read more

2007 Mack Titan Dave Edit

Hello Everyone, We are proud to release the Mack Titan edit by Dave.  Dave did a wonderful job on this edit.  Big thanks to our Supporting members and and Dave for making this happen.  Any bugs/issues you find please report them by click here and labeling the subject “Mack Titan”, and submitting the form with the bug … Read more

WIP Mack Dump Update 2

Hello Everyone, Work has now resumed on our Mack Dump.  We in the process of tuning in the fine details.  Some of the mod features are listed below.  Release date has not been set yet.  Let us know in the comments what kind of colors you would like to see for this. Cost – $129,000.00 … Read more