Pitts LT40-8UL Log Trailer V1

Hello Everyone, V1 of the Pitts LT40-8UL log trailer is now out.  Big thanks to Rambow145 for fixing all the errors and getting us to V1.  If you haven’t liked his Facebook page or subscribed to his YouTube channel do so.  His information is below followed with the trailers information. Features: Autoload Dyable Gets Dirty … Read more

Pitts Pup Log Trailer

Hello Everyone, We are proud to release our Pitts Pup Log Trailer.  This is a good affordable trailer to get your logging operation up and running.  Big thanks to our Supporting users for making this happen.  Shout out to Brown Modding and Dewsters Modding for all the work put forth. Compatible Games: Farming Simulator 2015 … Read more

FS 15 Logging – US Lantmanen FS bruks HKL

FS 15 Logging

FS 15 Logging The links must not distribute or post on another page than this and technicmods.com No may edit and distribute your version Please respect this Keep your logs for your self Credits:  Lantmanen FS © Lantmanen FS 2016 https://www.facebook.com/lantmanenFSmodding/ Download Note: You must be a registered member and logged in to view the … Read more

Custom Map FS15 – Aussie Farms fs15 v1.0

Custom Map FS15 - Aussie Farms fs15 v1.0

Custom Map FS15   Welcome to the remake of Aussie farms hope you enjoy!! Custom Map FS15 In this map you will find 2 different Aussie farms that are fictional places but based on Aussie farm styles that I have lived on/around when I was younger. One farm is a broadacre Aussie farm and the … Read more